Select Strategy Workshop Non-car manufacturers

Select Strategy Workshop Non-car manufacturers

Vehicle population continues to increase led to a promising business for non car manufacturers workshops. Sometimes the presence of non-car manufacturers workshop is indispensable, for example because it is close to where we live or avoiding more expensive phobia authorized repair shop owned car manufacturers. However specify alternative workshop is not easy. One chose a workshop to repair the damage to the car, can cause profound sense of disappointment. Moreover, if future problems arising in the car actually increased.
To that end, demanded honesty and openness from the workshop to the customer regarding the damage. Here are some tips that you can consider when planning to seek the best and trustworthy repair shop other than authorized repair shop.

  1. Recommendation or reference. The first thing to do is to look for reliable information workshop from relatives, friends, media coverage about this workshop, or ask automobile clubs. Take advantage also of automotive discussion forums via the internet because it is usually a member of a particular forum recounts many workshops on specific alternative.
  2. There is no harm in choosing a special workshop or a specialist so that no direct damage detected experts. Typically, many special workshop or recruit specialists trained mechanics of authorized repair shop car manufacturers.
  3. Good workshop would investigate and examine in depth first before deciding damages. If you need replacement parts, mechanics have to tell you, and so if can be fixed.
  4. Facilities such as waiting rooms, toilets, air conditioning, entertainment, and cafeteria are available for awaiting repair is completed could be one of the parameters of the seriousness of the workshop serve its customers.
  5. Owned equipment must be complete, for example, pits and the corresponding device classes and types.
  6. Ask about its human resources. Generally, non-authorized mechanic experienced and good at outsmart, but do not have a diploma. But remember this time a lot of non-authorized repair shop to recruit mechanical engineering school graduates.
  7. Keep the garage of your choice to have a certification from an institution of national certification as Sucofindo. This is rarely considered, but this is a better value for the workshop.
  8. Workshop reliable typically have well-organized management.
  9. Do not be lulled by the sweet promise of the workshop, in particular regarding the service fee is cheap or expensive, and the workmanship is guaranteed. Do not hesitate to ask whether their statements could be accounted for.
  10. Control of the work to be tight, even sewajibnya they always inform the customer to perform regular maintenance or the emergence of damage to components in the coming period.
  11. Ask the warranty of the workshop on the work that has been done on your car. Workshop reliable would dare to give a guarantee on their work.