Got knowledge and Prize



I know the quiz Oil Evalube of FB Crazy Motorcycle. Previous've also take a quiz Oil Evalube but this is the first time lucky. In addition to oil quiz Evalube I often also follow other quizzes, but never a winner. Therefore I feel very lucky to come out as a winner in the period of September. The questions in the Quiz oil Evalube virtually tricky. But if we had frequent follow-up, the question can be easily answered. And most importantly, knowledge and our understanding of lubrication increases. So I feel very fortunate because they may be able to present science as well.

I myself beside Evalube oil users. First time use Evalube oil recommended by the technicians in the workshop subscription. He said the smoke a little (incidentally my motorcycle engine 2 Tak). After I tried was the smoke released does not smoke as much as I used oil fit other brands. Until now I still use used oil Evalube Pro Synthetic 2T. For me Evalube oil quality can not be doubted.

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