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What is the function of lubricating oil ?

Lubricating oil is a mixture of base oil and additive which serves to protect the engine from rust , cleaning , cooling also as a seal on the vehicle's engine . Fungse above will create friction between moving parts in the engine smoother and machines will reach the ideal temperature level .

 Synthetik advantages compared to mineral lubricant ?

  1. More stable at high temperatures .
  2. Controlling and preventing carbon deposits in the engine .
  3. Circulation more smoothly during the morning star or cold weather .
  4. Lubricate and coat the metal better and prevent friction between metal .
  5. Resistant to change or oxidation thus more durable so that more economical and effesien .
  6. Reducing the occurrence of friction , improve power and cooler engine . 

 Why lubricant should be replaced periodically ? 

Each lubricant containing a variety of additives that improve the efficiency of lubricating function . With the engine workload is affected by various factors ( environmental , weather and usage ) , the engine will burn additive and reduce the efficiency of these functions so as to keep the engine from optimal performance . Lubricants will also be contaminated by dirt and fuel in a short time due to the combustion process .

 Why the lubricating oil to be reduced after use for some time ?

There are two causes reduced lubricant oil , the first is an error in the selection of lubricating oil and the second is the damage factor in the system of the engine work , for example leakage .

Errors in determining the lubricant is a causative factor in the reduced volume of lubricating oil in the engine . Things to consider in the selection of suitable lubricants are :

  1. Appropriate viscosity level ( eg SAE 20W50 ; 10W50 etc. )
  2. Standardization in accordance with the type of vehicle such as ( API ; JASO etc )
  3. Choose clear origins lubricant ( no printed name of the company that manufactures , address , plant location , etc. )
  4. Having a Registered Lubricant Number ( NPT ) issued by the Ministry of Energy and Resources Miniral RI./li

Factors damage to the engine work within the system is generally a leak in the lubrication system. This leakage occurs due to merembesya oil between the cylinder and the engine block,around each bolt thrower penujuk oil or oil , between the gearbox and the engine, and a leak in the front crankshaft pulley holder . If the leak is not addressed will damage engine components.

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