Human Resources

Achieving Success Together

PT WGI applies the concept of Discipline - Integrity - Transparency - Optimism - Creativity & Innovation (DITOK) as the pillars that support the building of competent human resources.  PT WGI strongly believes that competent  human resources dedicated to their professions are a very vital Company asset.

The first pillar:Discipline.  This pillar is hoped to produce human resources with high work ethics and can be role models for one another.

The second pillar:Integrity. A concept that will create a workforce of individuals  with high commitment, business ethics, high work ethics, who are honest and professional.

The third pillar:Transparency.  The accurate implementation of this concept will create a workforce that has a positive empathy towards the Company’s conditions.

The fourth pillar:Optimism. This attitude is believed to become the pillar that supports the human resources as they grow into individuals who are enthusiastic, focused and ready to grow positively. 

The fifth pillar: Creativity & Innovation.   This is the spirit that fosters the creativity and innovations within the human resources, encouraging ever-fresh, new ideas.

The consistent execution of these five pillars will produce a mutually beneficial condition for both PT WGI as a company and its employees.