Chairman Statement

Building Trust Through Product Excellence

PT Wiraswasta Gemilang Indonesia (WGI) has grown and developed in Indonesia since 1996. PT WGI has continually made progress and improvement in delivering maximum service to its shareholders and consumers.

PT WGI fully believes that the consumers’ trust is the key to the Company’s success. This trust has been earned through the commitment and persistence in delivering continuous service and innovation on every product marketed with premium quality.

To realize its commitment towards quality, PT WGI has built an integrated R&D facility. In this comprehensive laboratory, the PT WGI professional and experienced experts continually strive to develop the best quality lubricant products that can always meet the ever-changing consumers’ needs. To meet the demands of the research facility, PT WGI has also improved the technology required, including the development and application of a computerized system. These facilities ensure the production of premium quality lubricants to meet the consumers’ needs.

PT WGI also builds the trust of the consumers by a positive orientation of dissemination. Internally, PT WGI strives to enhance its employees’ loyalty and working spirit by creating a work atmosphere that fosters selfdevelopment. While simultaneously, for the external environment, the community has become an important aspect for a positive feedback to the Company. This has also become the Company’s foundation for its commitment to support the creation of an environmentally friendly work atmosphere.

PT WGI’s existence should be a benefit, particularly to the three pillars of integrated communities: the manufacturer, the consumers, and the nation. The mutually beneficial relationships among the three pillars will continue to foster the growth of PT WGI into a trustworthy Company with superior quality products.