Company Background


The fast growth and development of the industries in Indonesia has increased the needs for quality lubricants. This has driven PT WGI to seize the chance of answering these domestic needs for best quality, affordable lubricant products.

The total effort required has been provided with a total commitment from PT WGI since its inception. This will of course continue to be done consistently in the future.

Looking back, since its inception on March 4, 1996, PT WGI has launched the number one lubricant product in the USA, Pennzoil. Pennzoil has since then become known as PT WGI first product. After that, the Evalube product has been introduced to the consumers. This lubricant was developed out of PT WGI awareness of a consumer need. Evalube was immediately well received.

PT WGI’s efforts have not been focused solely on product development. PT WGI has also been involved with a series of activities connected to the lubricant industry, for example the inception of Aspelindo (Indonesian Lubricant Producer Association) in 1997.

PT WGI’s effort to create a positive environment was recognized internationally with the achievement of the ISO 14001 award in 2001. The “Green, Clean and Cool” environment award has also been given to PT WGI for several years now by the government.

By 1998, and the years thereafter, PT WGI has accepted the Zero Accident award (Kecelakaan Nihil) from the Indonesian government.

As PT WGI grows, it receives numerous international accreditations. Furthermore, PT WGI widens its range of products by offering car maintenance products. Another achievement is the application of the ERP System through the use of the SAP software.

The development is unceasing. Currently, the product variants of PT WGI have reached a wide range of 21 types to accommodate various needs.