PT WGI Commitments

Commitment To Vision

PT WGI’s commitments are an internal concept that creates an external impact. The strict implementation to its commitment has defined WGI’s position as a Company that is true to the environment both internally and externally. This commitment has been awarded with the ISO 14001; accredited to waste management and waste water treatment.

Internally, PT WGI care has been realized through health insurance and work safety for its employees;  a priority which has consistently awarded PT WGI with the Zero Accident awards since 1998.

Realizing that good environment preservation will give a positive contribution to the Company, PT WGI has developed a concept of environment orientation in every production activity. This has resulted in PT WGI’s extreme care in preserving its surroundings.

The use of closed cycle process systems and modern waste management has enabled PT WGI to attain the “zero discharge” level (zero industrial activity waste) which decreases environment pollution.

In its effort to create a nice, green environment around the plants and their surroundings, PT WGI has planted shady trees.  In 2001, the Company has also conducted a social activity by planting a thousand trees.  This event with the theme “Plant Today for An Ever-Green Tomorrow” was conducted on March 13, 2001, and was launched by Madame Hj. Megawati Soekarnoputri.

These are concrete examples of PT WGI in preserving the environment to be green and beautiful in order to give a positive contribution to the community.