Hi-Tech Facilities

Breakthroughs Technology

In its efforts to produce premium quality products, PT WGI never fails to provide the latest facilities. In this manner, the most advanced technology, including computerized systems, can be applied accurately, while at the same time imposing the strictest quality control. In addition, the other facility that plays an important role in producing quality products is PT WGI’s Ultralab Services.

These various facilities helped PT WGI attain various recognition certificates from the following reputable certification boards:

ISO 9002

Certification on quality standards accredited for quality management


ISO 17025

Certification on quality standards accredited to laboratories that can do accurate analyses with the support of these equipments:


  • Density
  • Viscosity Bath & Viscometers
  • Elemental Analysis
  • Pour Point
  • COC Flash Point
  • ASTM Colour



  • Recognition from the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE), USA, a certified board for the category of lubricant density.
  • Recognition from the American Petroleum Institute (API Service), USA, in the category of lubricant quality