CSR Activities

Taking Care Of Our Community

PT WGI has implemented the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for a long time, realizing the existence of the Company and the community as two entities that cannot be separated, PT WGI has conducted social care activities for the people in need  The Company’s profits should deservedly be enjoyed proportionally by the community.
Through the division in charge of public and community affairs, since 1997, PT WGI has started to realize its social activities to the external communities.  Most of the activities have centered on the locations around PT WGI’s plant in Cibitung, for example by giving aids for education, health and religious facilities, including the opportunities for some select individuals to go on a haj pilgrimage.
Internally, PT WGI has routinely given support every year to the employees and citizens around the plant areas to go on a haj pilgrimage.  In addition, the employees themselves have conducted blood donation for the community.  In the education sector, PT WGI has committed to a scholarship program.  This is one way for PT WGI to actively support the potentials of Indonesia’s next generation.
In the future, PT WGI’s social activities will be widened significantly through various activities. In this way, the Corporate Social Responsibility activities will continue and PT WGI will  play an ever-increasing role in the optimum development of the community and individuals’ potentials