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Toll Blending

The blending process that produces commercial lubricants must be done in a plant with latest facilities.  To answer this need, the Company has been equipped with its own Blending Plant that has a production capacity reaching 84,000 MT in two shifts.  The blending area has been specially designed by Mid-America engineering, Inc. from Chicago, USA.  The Blending Plant is operated by an Automatic Batch Blending System (ABB).  From here, the lubricants with base oils, additives, and solvents as the basic ingredients, can be produced.
The products manufactured are divided into two categories:

Automotive Products
The lubricant products for all automotive vehicles. There are numerous variants to answer the consumers’needs for these types of lubricants.


Commercial Products

The lubricant products for commercial needs. Included in here are the lubricant needs for heavy machinery machinery transportation, shipping, machinery and plantation.
Blending Plant


Advances Blending Plant

The lubricants for tropical areas like Indonesia have to be specially formulated to solve the high humidity levels.  PT WGI’s  Blending Plant has been designed with accurate calculations in order to answer that special condition. As a result the lubricants produced will support the engine’s peak performance and have no need for extra additives. The Blending Plant has become the industry benchmark and is now open for use by other companies within the lubricant oil industry.


To obtain an optimum result, laboratory testing has been an integral part of PT WGI’s manufacturing processes.  The Ultralab Services laboratory has been created to serve the Laboratory Services and Lubricant Consultants.  The presence of the PT WGI Ultralab Services meets the needs of the community for reliable laboratories, of which only a few are in existence in Indonesia.


Ultralab Services has been in operation since 2000 and has been in service for testing lubricant quality, for individual vehicles, workshops, transportation companies, contractors, and other industries that use lubricants in their operational activities, in Indonesia and abroad.

Top of The Line Laboratory Facilities

The Ultralab’s facilities and after-service provided have been awarded the ISO 17025 certification.  This has strengthened PT WGI’s position as a Company that is fully committed and dedicated to making itself the best player in the lubricant industry in Indonesia.